Significant Trees is an overarching title given to a series of research and artistic projects undertaken by the artist Caroline Locke.

Caroline Locke is an artist whose work has been attuned to natural ecologies for many years. Her 'Significant Trees' projects involve recording data from trees, relating trees to movement, rhythms and frequencies. As part of these projects Caroline has collected stories from the public, cast tree fruit in bronze and made works with handbells tuned to different tree frequencies. She has recently been awarded funding from Derby University to work with The John Taylor Bell Foundry to cast a small tower bell.

In an attempt to find ways to understand and respond to a new geological age, Caroline is beginning to develop and lead public events that reimagine ways in which to think about, interact with and relate to the Earth. One of the underlying focuses of the research is on identifying the need for closer connection with and greater understanding of nature.
Current artistic research involves sound rhythms and trees.

Further information about the artist Caroline Locke and be found here:
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  •  29/11/2020 11:20 AM

The ceremony on the Forest in Nottingham with our Tree Cryer. To celebrate Tree Charter Day and Nottingham City Council signing a pledge to the Woodland Trusts Tree Charter, we planted an Oak tree and rang the Tree Charter bell. Huge thanks to Alex Begg, Bruce Asbestos, Reece Straw and Mike Semkin, Ang Bartram and the University of Derby for making this possible.

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  •  20/11/2020 04:07 PM

The Tree Charter Bell on its way home for the first time.

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